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BREAD DIPPING! Just the thing this autumn…. dip cubes of home made WIYO FRENCH STICK using WIYO FRENCH STICK BREAD BLEND into a good quality extra virgin olive oil…. and then into one of WIYO’s flavourings or dip mixes!

HOW TO PIPE CHOUX PASTRY IN PERFECT ROUNDS? Use silicone muffin moulds – regular size or mini….


Extra long eclairs! One packet WIYO CHOUX PASTRY MIX makes 5 to 6 very long eclairs. hollow in the middle with plenty of room for filling with cream or bavarois.

Savoury choux! ... make long logs, or small rounds, or a wreath. Fill with cream cheese, bacon, mushrooms…. or a cold option with cream cheese pesto, tomatoes and salad.

Grated cheese & flavourings on top add the finishing touch.

Mini tiny meringues! Very impressive meringue mix – using a mixer gives best results. pipe into any shape or size… very tiny ones are great for decorating desserts. They stay nice and white after cooking too!

Time saver! Recently saw a recipe for a beautiful layered cake covered and layered with a white chocolate cream. Being short of time, using a WIYO gateaux mix and white chocolate bavarois for the covering cream made this so much faster! And I wouldn’t have been able to bake such a light sponge myself anyway…. blows up in the mixer very airy and light.

Striped meringues! Add colouring to your piping bag and make rippled meringues.. all without breaking an egg.

Flavour meringues! Add bavarois mix to meringue mix and get coloured and flavoured meringues! strawberry, chocolate, caramel, cappuccino, forest fruits, lemon…. a whole new world of meringue making without even breaking an egg.

Quick Meditterranean meal: spread cremé fraiche onto cod fillets, sprinkle with a layer of WIYO Mediterraean dip mix and cook.

2 way WIYO brownie mix

Brownie mix from WIYO can be made as a Dutch cake-like brownie (as reicpe on the packet). Get cake-like recipe here

Brownie mix from WIYO can also be made as a USA FUDGE-LIKE brownie. Get the fudge-like recipe here.


I use these a lot for sprinkling over vegetables before roasting… courgette for example. Sicilian, African or Mediterranean.


I use this all the time – favourite one is sliced tomatoes topped with spoonfuls of creme fraich or sour cream, seasonings and then sprinkled over with the salad decorations…. adds colour flavour and texture!


Cover chicken breast with NJBBQ sweet & sticky chicken shaker. Cube fresh mango and pour NJBBQ mango chili sauce all over and leave to stand for half an hour for flavours to improve. Cook the chicken in the usual way on the BBQ and enjoy with the salsa. Good in hot weather.


Beer can chicken seasoning – highly recommended. Good Saturday night idea.

Next time I can make a big pile of small home-made profiteroles and drizzle with toffee or chocolate sauce! Easy summer dessert.


The new CHOUX PASTRY mix I find very inspiring! can’t believe how well it works and I won’t be making choux pastry from scratch again because the results are more reliable and better… don’t even have to run steam off the baking sheet, or pierce them when they come out of the oven to let steam escape! .. just cooled on cooking rack then fridged until Sat night then cut them open and filled with whipped cream (could also use bavarois mix) and sprinkled with wiyo  snow top sugar. They were nice and hollow inside, lots of room for the cream!

Using the snow-top sugar also meant that they stayed perfect until I needed them the next day, I didn’t have to do anything at the time. Normal icing sugar would have vanished and melted!

BBQ TIP!Mix chunks of mango, pineapple, peaches with brown sugar and a squeeze of lime Place in a foil bag and barbe until fruit is soft Place large marshmallow on skewers alongside Usually takes about 10-15 mins and your dessert is ready!!

Added WIYO tip: Add a tsp of speculaas spice to the peaches and brown sugar!

Use WIYO BBQ marshmallows – buy in a tube supplied with sticks for grilling, or buy an XXL bag of marshmallows!


Our top BBQ Secret Tip for Sous Vide Meat

Get the Gas BBQ really really Hot, Brush with Butter (careful not to burn yourself as it can flare up), Lay the Joint on the BBQ, Sprinkle Well with Any Windmills Seasoning and Grind on Plenty of Salt & Pepper. Depending on the joint leave to finish for the desired amount of time – Remove and Enjoy


Cook salmon on slices of lemon. Results in salmon not sticking to bbq grill and keeps the skin and meat together and gives it a beautiful zesty flavour!

Easy but very effective.

Try BBQ lemon pepper or fish grinder to grind onto the salmon

Or rub in with Mediterraan rub


It was the Cappuchino and caramel mixes.  My, I was so chuffed, they are dead easy to make,  I didn’t think I had choc or coffee liquor but I found some.  With the Caramel I added 2 pks of fudge squares and I thought I had some caramel curls to top it but as I couldn’t find any I topped it with gold dust which has a shaker. The results were glamorous and taste is magic.  I always make fudge in a rectangle tray and cut the fudge into small pieces.The Cappuchino  I added Baileys liquor and topped with the light and dark coffee beans.  That too is absolutely smashing.

The fudge is absolutely fantastic.  Please keep it, if you can, an all year round product.  It’s so lovely and smooth and easy to make.

Use WIYO Mediterranean dip mix for courgette….. slice courgettes, mix well in bowl with olive oil and plenty of WIYO Med dip mix… roast for 20 minutes. Remove from oven  spoon over a little fresh pesto, some parmazaans cheese flakes (optional) and plenty of WIYO salad decorations… delicious dish in no time.

Bruschetta bread flavouring... usually use it for making savoury bread but added a couple of tablespoons to mince for a family meal.

Flavours blend perfectly…  ideal for spagetti bolognese. Recommend this!

Herb butter from BBQ range is a winner... butter needs to be very soft though and I mixed thoroughly in mixer… piped using rosette nozzle onto individual spoons at each place… melt onto steaks!

Crispy & tasty roast potatoes.. short-cut method……. slice potatoes (leave skin on). Put into a bowl and cover well with olive oil and plenty of the BBQ spicy chip seasoning shaker... put onto baking try and roast in hot oven for 20-30 mins

Cute as a button!

cookie mix from this season… made in silicone button moulds… dip in chocolate would be a good idea too.

world dip mix – Sicilian…. combines well with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil… marinade sliced tomatoes and serve as a salad.

Cookie mix ... something to do for my kids during the holidays! Added chocolate chips.  Delicious.

Latest bavarois fudge … so many options and flavours and in just 3 minutes.

this one – white chocolate and oreo cookies.

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