African spicy carrot dip
African spicy hummus
almond & pear twisted danish
almond cookies cake
almond cookies cake
almond croissants with honey spiced plums
almond shortbread slice
almond, rhubarb & sour cream cake
American corn bubble bread
American pancakes
antipasto tart
apple & blueberry shortcake
apple & oats pudding
apple & strawberry crumble cake
apple pancakes with spiced lemon butter
apple roses
apple, almond & spice crostata
apple, blueberry & marzipan crumble cake
apple, chocolate & almond paste turnovers
apple, rum & raisin cake
apricot & blueberry crumble pudding
Artichoke dip with cumin crackers
asparagus & tomato tart
Asparagus, sundried tomato and olive loaf


baby sugared-spiced brioches
bagels with wasibi salmon & omelette
baked chocolate & ginger doughnuts
baked ricotta & spice cheesecakes
baked savoury cheesecakes
Baked vegetable frittata
baked white chocolate & almond cheesecake
bakewel tart
banana & honey breads
banana bread waffles
banana mess
banana xmas stollen
banana yoghurt muffins
Banana, coconut & papaya bread
banana, date & caramel cookies
banoffee brownie
banoffee meringue gateaux
banoffee meringue roulade
barley & honey roasted pumpkin salad
basil pesto & bruschetta twists
BBQ beef burgers
BBQ sweet potatoes
beef bourguignon
beefy bacony sausage rolls
beer bread with cheesy crust
berry almond tart
berry breakfast bake
berry breakfast crumbles
berry meringue roulade
best ever banana pancakes (GF)
best thermomix bread recipe
black forest brownies
black forest crunch log
black grape, brussels sprout & cheese flatbread
Blini with marinated feta and tomato
blueberry & speculaas crumble cake
blueberry almond pancakes with maple syrup
blueberry bagels
blueberry banana bread
blueberry spice cheesecakes
Braided fruit loaf
Bread dippers
bread sticks with warm camembert
breakfast banana cake with yoghurt & muesli
breakfast corn and kale fritters
Breakfast loaf
breakfast muesli bars
breakfast pizza
breakfast potato waffles (GF)
brie & red onion focaccia
brie crackers
brie, walnut & cranberry rolls
broccoli, blue cheese and hazelnut calzones
brownie sundaes
bruschetta bread dough
bruschetta roasted pumpkin & garlic soup
burger buns
butter bean and sunflower seed dip
butter sweet potato plait
buttercream icing
buttery herby popcorn


café style hummingbird cake
cappuccino bavarois mousse
cappuccino desserts
cappuccino fudge
cappuccino trifles
caramel & walnut scroll loaf
caramel apple crumble pots
caramel banana upside down brownie
caramel bavarois mousse mix
caramel brownie puddings
caramel cake
caramel chocolate fudge
caramel crunch cake
caramel maple mud cakes with caramel frosting
caramel meringues
caramel self saucing puddings in a flash
caramel spiced fruit slice
caramel surprise cakes
caramelised onion & feta tart
caramelised onion, corn & tomato quiches
caramelised pear and cream sponge dessert
carrot cake cheesecake
carrot cake mix
carrot cake roulade
carrot cake waffles
carrot muffins
cauliflower & gruyére gratin
champagne cupcakes
cheat's no-knead fruit bread
cheddar & chive wafers
cheddar-crusted summer vegie tarts
cheese & biscuits
cheese & caramelised onion bread
Cheese & herb cornbread with scrambled eggs
Cheese & prosciutto scone
cheese bread with thume & caramelised onion
cheese twisters
cheeseburger meatballs
cheeseburger scrolls
cheesecake brownies
cheesy corn bagels
cheesy herb bombs
cheesy poppyseed crackers
cheesy potato gratin
cheesymite pull-apart scrolls
Cherry tomato and spinach quiche
chewy oat pineapple biscuits
chinese hot dog buns
chive potato scones with silky scrambled egg & smoked salmon
chocolate bavarois mousse
chocolate bavarois shots
chocolate bourbon cupcakes with peanut butter frosting
chocolate butterfly cakes
chocolate caramel brownie cookies
chocolate choux ring
chocolate cream (pastry & cake filler)
chocolate cream cups
chocolate discs
chocolate gateaux sponge
chocolate ice-cream
chocolate ice-cream layer cake
chocolate meringue kisses
chocolate meringues
chocolate mint coolers
chocolate muesli with warm milk
chocolate nests
chocolate peanutty muffins
chocolate pecan bars
chocolate strawberry slice
choux pastry mix
ciabatta bread
classic cheesecakes
classic mint brownie
clover rolls
coconut & lemon layer cake
coconut chocolate truffles
coffee & walnut swiss roll
coffee fix chocolate scones
coffee victoria sponge
cookie bowls
cookie mix
cookies ‘n cream chocolate cake
corn and bacon hotcakes
corn bread blend
country cake mix
Courgette & bacon fritters with sweet chilli salsa
Courgette & corn muffins
courgette and feta quiches
Cranberry & camembert savoury muffins
cranberry & pear tealoaf
cranberry currant bagels
cranberry, pistachio & speculaas slice
cream cheese frosting
creamy cheese dip
creamy mince pie milkshake
creamy salmon pasta
crème brulee fudge
creme caramel dessert
crispy mango & chicken filo parcels
crumpets with spiced glazed strawberries
crunchy lemon cake
crunchy mango nut granola
cupcake mix
currant bread
currant buns


Danish custard
dark chocolate rocky road
date & chocolate bread
delectable devilled eggs
deliciously caramel brownie
dip & veggie chips
double chocolate muffins
double chocolate strawberry cheesecake profiteroles
double chocolate whoopie pies
Dutch ''krentenbollen''
Dutch ''pudding broodjes''
Dutch crumble flan (vlaai)
Dutch gingerbread
Dutch patissiere cream


easy breakfast muesli bars (GF)
Easy cheesy pastrami pie
easy cheesy pretzel bites
easy parmazaans dip
easy-as parmazaans corn focaccia
egg and cheese wreath
extra apple caramel cake


fast and easy breakfast pies
feta cheese ball
fig & pecan plait (or date & walnut)
fig, almond & honey tart
fig, date & marmalade breakfast scone
fig, walnut & fennel log
figgy banana & honey loaves
filled picnic loaf
filled speculaas
fish scrolls with parmazaans potato galettes
flat rolls - filled with meat
flavoured French stick
flavoured yorkshire puddings
florentine nuggets
fluffy egg brulées
fluffy fruit & chocolate muffins
flur seed, date & walnut bread
forest fruits bavarois mousse
forest fruits fudge
Four seed cheese biscuits
French stick basic recipe
fresh strawberry & bavarois scones
frosted orange scrolls
frozen spiced yoghurt pots
fruit & nut scotch finger slice
fruit brownie
fruit nut chocolate slice
fruit tartlets
fruit tarts
fruity ginger cake
fudgy brownie
fudgy caramel cookies
fudgy peanutty slice


garlic & prosciutto knots
garlic bread
garlic bread
garlic flatbreads
gateaux sponge mix
get up and go muffins
gigantic caramel pecan scroll
gingerbread brownies
glühwein ''mulled wine''
gluten free bread
golden buttery bread rolls
grape and blue cheese schiacciata with honey
green toscaans soup
griddled flatbreads
grilled chicken pearl barley salad with parmazaans dressing
grilled pepper and salami pizza plait


ham & egg muffins
Ham, cheese & herb mini muffins
Hawaiian choux pizza
hearty beef & barley soup
hearty beef and cheddar pot pies
high-rise yorkshire puddings
honey & gingerbread bundt cakes
Honey oat horseshoe cookies
honey vanilla pannacotta
hot chocolates
hot cross buns
hot cross scrolls
hot cross tea bread


ice-cream sandwiches
indented tomato bread
individual custard tarts
individual lemon mousses
Italiano baked risotto


kiwifruit, lime & coconut muffins
koffiebroodjes (coffee time rolls)
Kumara and bacon pizza


lavosh bread crackers with spiced fig chutney
layered strawberry torte
lazy glazed ham with cherry & mulled wine sauce
leek & feta pie
lemon & lime cake with orange blossom icing
lemon & passionfruit profiteroles
lemon bavarois mousse
lemon bavarois shots
lemon biscuits
lemon gateaux
lemon ice-cream
lemon mascarpone cake mix
lemon meringue fudge
lemon meringue tarts
lemon mousse cake
lemon poppyseed scones


macedonian sweet bread
mandarin, marmalade and almond cakes
mango & white chocolate ice-cream
maple pear tarts
marbled chocolate roll
marzpian rings with pink sugar glaze
mediterranean naan pizzas with toscaans garlic wedges
Mediterranean roasted pumpkin & cashew hummus
Mediterranean tomato cheese ball
meringue nests
millionaire's shortbread
mini banoffee pies with salted oaty base
mini beef meatloaves with cheesy mash
mini cheese scones
mini chilli cheese pretzels
mini crustless quiches
mini pumpkin, bacon and feta muffins
mini speculaas bites
mini victoria sponges
mint marshmallows
mixed berry almond crunch brioche
moreish marshmallow caramel slice
moreish turtle slice
moreishly munchystrawberry almond granola
mouth watering beef
muffin mix
munchy brunch rolls
mushroom & bacon breakfast roulade
mushroom quiche


nectarine picnic cakes
nut & orange cakes


oaty cranberry & apple muffins
oaty ginger slice
OldFarmers haymakers picnic pie
Olive & sundried tomato loaves
one-pan breakfast frittata
orange & date scones


Paasbrood (Dutch Easter bread)
pan fried chicken
parmazaans asparagus tart
parmazaans chicken bites
pastry nibbles
peachy lemon cake
pear & rosemary flatbreads
pear, chocolate & marzipan tarts
pineapple & cranberry toasted muesli clusters
pink meringues
piquant parmazaans pretzels
pitta bites
pizza pinwheels
plum crunch cake
plum speculaas oat slice
Poppy seed & marzpian scrolls
prosciutto, cheese & bruschetta crepes
Prosciutto, spinach & feta scrolls
prune & port puddings
pull-apart cranberry wreath
Pumpernickel soda bread
pumpkin & chickpea loaf
pumpkin pie


quick and easy olive oil crackers


raspberry & white chocolate brownies - gluten free
raspberry & white chocolate muffins
raspberry & white chocolate scrolls
raspberry almond scones
raspberry surprise rolls
raspberry, chocolate & almond tea cake
red garlic hummus
red onion salad
red velvet swiss roll with mascarpone filling
refreshing citrus cups
refreshing lemon barley water
rhubarb crumbles
rhubarb streusel cake
rich chocolate tart
rise 'n shine gourmet granola
roasted broccoli & feta frittata
roasted peach tart
roasted pumpkin, feta & caramelised onion tart
roasted tomato & lentil soup
rocky road ice-cream
Rosemary & oat crackers with prune log
rosemary & parmesan crackers
rosemary & raisin focaccia
rum & raisin ice-cream
rum truffles
rustic chicken and mushroom pies


sage & corn cakes
salami & cheese pull-apart
salami snack cups
salmon rice bites with dipping sauce
salmon, leek and asparagus lasagne
salted caramel chocolate crunch cake
sausage patties
Savoury cheese & parmazaans plaits
savoury corn muffins
savoury corn roulade
Savoury muffin breakfast stack
savoury pinwheel scone with smoked salmon, capers & rocket
savoury rolls
savoury scone scrolls
scones mix
scrummy strawberry scones
scrumptious strawberry banana bread (GF)
Seeded Irish soda bread
Seedy oatcakes
self saucing chocolate puddings
Semi-dried tomato damper scrolls
shortbread delights
shrimp cocktails with spicy mayonaise
Sicilian bacon cheese ball
Sicilian creamy dip
simple sesame bagels
simply delicious nutty fudge
smoked ham & cheese log
smoked salmon crepe cake
smokey almond and prune loaves
smoking wood CHARCOAL GRILL
smoking wood GAS GRILL
soft and sticky monkey bread
soft savoury flavoured dinner rolls
soft white floury baps
sour cream dip
speculaas & almond paste tart
Speculaas apple & date scrolls
speculaas crumble flan ''vlaai''
speculaas maple pecan cheesecake
speculaas pull-apart bread
spice wafers
spiced blueberry peach and cream trifle
spiced cake mix
spiced chelsea buns
spiced chocolate pecan tart
spiced fruit & nut flapjacks
spiced fruit pudding
spiced hazelnut chocolate & hazelnut pretzels
spiced lamb & olive galette
spiced marzpian chocolate & cranberry slice (gf)
spiced peaches with toasted panettone
spiced pumpkin & fruit cake
spiced pumpkin pecan muffins
spiced sugared pretzels
spiced up toffee brownie
spiced winter trifles with caramelized topping
spicy beef naan wraps with flavoured mayo
spicy grape pinwheel scones
spicy guacamole
spicy pork, apricot & cashew flatbreads
spinach & carrot flan
Spinach & feta pull-apart
Spinach & smoked salmon roulade
spinach and feta pancakes
Spinach and sundried tomato ricotta bakes
spinach, haloumi and spicy chorizo breakfast waffles
spring cookies
spring onion & sweetcorn baby frittatas
spring onion blini
sticky banana maple buns
sticky caramel roll with butterscotch sauce
sticky chewy cashew, apricot & ginger panforte
sticky date roll with butterscotch sauce
sticky fig puddings with butterscotch sauce
sticky iced currant bun round
sticky speculaas buns
strawberries & cream cheesecakes
strawberry & chocolate tart
strawberry & speculaas torte
strawberry bavarois (mousse)
strawberry bavarois meringue roulade
strawberry bavarois shots
strawberry cheesecake muffins
strawberry cream cake mix
strawberry cream cake with white chocolate & lemon sauce
strawberry cream puffs
strawberry dream cupcakes
strawberry galettes
strawberry ice-cream
strawberry lamingtons
strawberry limoncello tiramisu
strawberry marshmallow slice
strawberry steamed pudding
stuffed courgettes
succulent lemon slice
summer berry almond tarts
summer Christmas slice
summer fruitcake with lemon cream
sundried tomato soda bread baps
sunflower bread blend
sunshine bircher muesli
super quick strawberry fudge
super rich and gooey brownies
sweet apple & apricot buns
sweet potato & pancetta tart
sweet potato and basil pesto logs
sweet wreath
syrup waffle cake mix
syrup waffle cookie squares


tear and share toscaans bread wreath with roasted capsicum dip
Three cheese pie
thyme & pepper wafers with fig & mustard chutney
tiramisu bavarois mousse
tiramisu cupcakes
tiramisu fudge
tiramisu torte
toffee apple crunch cakes
toffee nut crunch
Tomato and camembert bread
Tomato bread blend (basic recipe)
tomato flatbread
Tomato focaccia
tomato herbed dinner rolls
tomato salad roulade
tomato, cheesy, garlic & herb pull-apart
toscaans cheese sticks with salad
toscaans shepherd's pie baked potatoes
Traditional Dutch wintery apple pie
traditional pumpkin cake loaves (serve with cheese!)
traditional white chocolate & strawberry fudge
triple chocolate mousse
tropical honey crunch granola
Turkish pide


Ultimate burgers with cheesy corn cakes
upside down almond & pear cake
upside down cherry cake
upside down rhubarb, ginger & almond cake


vanilla porridge with spiced strawberries
very quick pear & pecan cake
Victoria sponge


Waldkorn bread
walnut & grape baguettes
warm cheesy dip
white bean, garlic & tuna dip
white bread - bread maker
White bread - mixer
White bread - thermomix
white chocolate & strawberry xmas fudge
white chocolate bavarois mousse
white chocolate rocky road
white chocolate scones with warm raspberry jam
white chocolate truffle torte
white chocolate, cherry & almond brownies
white chocolate, cranberry & marshmallow cookies
white chocolate, fruit & nut biscotti
white chocolate, strawberry & raspberry crunch fudge
Windmills brownie mix
Windmills ham & cheese twists


yo-yo biscuits


Zeeuwse bolussen (Dutc sticky cinnamon buns)
zucchini & cheddar bake
zucchini, walnut & cranberry loaves



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