At Windmills In Your Oven, we strive to make bread baking a less frustrating and more exciting and enjoyable experience.

With over 11 different ranges of baking products, ranging from basic bread mixes for the experienced baker to cake mixes for the beginner, we’re going to bring our passion for baking into your kitchen!

Windmills In Your Oven was established in 2005 when a small group of passionate home bakers sought to make bread baking a less frustrating and more exciting and enjoyable experience.  We saw the beginning of our vision crystallise with the launch of our first and all-time best selling product, Windmills Flour Improver.

Since then, Windmills In Your Oven has continued to flourish with the addition of over 70  home baking products including basic bread mixes, speciality bread blends, cake mixes and ready to eat products.  It is through the dedication and passion of our growing team that you’re now equipped with everything need to fulfil your desire for satisfying home baking.

However, we don’t stop at just delivering you great baking products, we’re your home baking assistants, because we share the same passion as you.  That’s why, our website is full of free recipes for you to try out at your leisure.

Baking’s your passion – we’re here to feed it….. Happy browsing…

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